Acousteel facts
  • Acousteel will reduce unwanted noise and vibration by over 1000%
  • Acousteel is cost effective compared to traditional solutions
  • Acousteel is invisible simply by replacing existing parts
  • Acousteel is recommended by the Health and Safety Executive

What is Acousteel

Acousteel offers an effective and straight forward way to remove unwanted noise and vibration from any steel or aluminium sheets, panels, pressings etc. which have inherent structural noise problems. Acousteel offers many benefits over traditional noise control products.

     Magnified Profile of Acousteel

Acousteel is constructed as a sandwich with a thin (0.05mm) energy-absorbing layer of viscoelastic polymer between two metal skins. The result of this is an audibly dead panel.

Materials can be mixed, for example a veneer of stainless steel can be bonded to a thicker less expensive mild steel substrate, giving both an acoustic solution and cost effective alternative to monolithic stainless sheet, when anticorrosive properties are required on only one face of the panel.

Acousteel Grades

The range of gauges is from 1mm (0.5mm +0.5mm) to 4mm (2mm + 2mm). The sound absorbing viscoelastic polymer thickness is a negligible thickness 0.06mm.

Acousteel is available in most grades of steel including mild steel, Zintec, Galvanised, Precoat, Stainless 304 & 316 etc. In addition to steel, aluminium, copper and brass plate can also be laminated.

Acousteel is available in both symmetrical and asymmetrical formats, for example 2mm + 2mm (symmetrical ) or 1mm + 3mm (asymmetrical) which is useful when the panel is folded.

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