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See below a list of the most frequently asked questions about acousteel. If you can’t find what you are after in the list don’t hesitate to send us an email with your query or give us a call on 0870 707 2000.

How does Acousteel work?

Acousteel works by using constrained layer damping. This basically absorbs sound and/or vibration energy by the two skins of material moving relatively to one another. This movement creates shear strain, which in turn is dissipated as negligible heat. Incredibly, this creates up to a 30dB(A) reduction in sound which equates to a thousand fold decrease in sound energy! [ top ]

How is Acousteel different from other acoustic products?

Acousteel is a very elegant and invisible solution to noiseand vibration. As Acousteel is in every respect like a traditional metal panel (except in noise and vibration) it has none of the problems that are associated with acoustic foams and add-on pads such as hygiene, maintenance, damage, access and expense. [ top ]

Is Acousteel a new invention?

Until recently sound deadened steel has only been available in large coil form for a number of applications almost exclusively within the automotive industry. Whilst the product has a proven pedigree within automotive applications, other industries, which require smaller quantities and/or a more specialised range of products, such as mixed metal laminates, have not had the opportunity to purchase the material as suppliers are either notoriously unreliable or are only willing to supply large quantities. Acousteel is supplied in sheet format, which means that Acousteel has the capacity to deliver a range of quantities from a single sheet right through to 100 tonnes if required! Acousteel is a hybrid sound deadened steel which is now easier to fabricate owing to advances in manufacturing. [ top ]

What is the thickness of steel required?

Acousteel is a laminate and therefore the thinnest gauge available with stock steel is 1 to 1.8mm depending on grade. The principle of Acousteel becomes ineffective at a thickness beyond 4mm. When used as an add-on (retrofit) damper, the damper must be 40 - 100% of thickness of panel to be treated, covering 80% of the panel. [ top ]

Can it be fabricated?

Acousteel can be guillotined, laser cut, CNC punched, rolled, folded, powder coated, welded, spot welded, lock formed and deep drawn. [ top ]

Data sheets & Fire Test

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